Reflection to Think!

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Reflecting in a group, exchanging to each other through drawing.

How would like when you are 90 years old – what one quality will you have then also? What one possession will you have even then? What would you like all people to be then? One thing you would have achieved by then? One thing you will not be affected by then?

Reflection of what will happen when I am 90 years old, brought an opportunity to understand self right now!

Aarohi – An Open Learning Community, Education at Aarohi is an endeavour to Understand oneself and develop strengths, skills, and talents that one needs and wants, Enjoy exploring this wonderful world and connect with it in a meaningful way. Create own journey, live own dreams and add value to self every day.

Open to all kinds of interests, abilities, ages, beliefs, styles, and learning.

Learning by doing what one wants, how one wants, and self-reflection.

Community to understand interdependence and co-creation of our learning and life.