Reflection to GROW and GLOW


Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”

But REFLECTING to understand why and how I want to do. What makes me work and what stops me from my work … here are some reflections

  • What worked for me in the last one month is that I became more open to resources. And what did not work is that I was not very open to explore new options like maths. What is satisfying is that I now have a bigger list of options to explore since I am becoming more open to resources. What helped me in my learning is me having more options to explore (which includes things that I have not explored yet).
  • The weekly responsibilities that I took up included Friday special. I learned that this responsibility was not as easy as I thought but was fun to do. It was definitely interesting to research about the places we could go to on Friday.
  • I feel I have learnt about quite a lot of plants, but sometimes we did not do good research, so we were not sure. Sometimes when I get stuck or I need to identify something, I either use books, ask people, or use internet and I need to improve in how to identify plants using books and internet faster. I really like the time when we explore different plants, either eating them, making something out of them, looking for recipes, identifying them, and sharing with people. I used different materials, techniques, ideas to make jewelry like earrings, chain, a pattern using different beads. Sometimes the finishing was not good like the earrings would be of different sizes, extra binding wire popping out, etc. I would like to improve in the finishing and create and making more designs.
  • Football: I enjoyed playing passes, my communication has improved from before. I worked on fitness and sticking to the routine it helped me in practice. I have improved my shooting skills I have been working on that its cool. I learnt by observing my peers and understanding how they play. making strategies also helped me play. I also worked on using skills while dribbling but it has improved a lot. I was disappointed that I didn’t practice juggling which is essential my rating 8/10
  • Astronomy: I researched mainly on black holes. I should really start researching about constellations so that I am able to identify the object more or less. Whenever the clouds clear up I spot whatever I know in the sky to improve. my rating 3/10
  • Yoga: In yoga I’ll be exploring different types of yoga ( hatha, raj, dynamic etc. ). I’m doing yoga for my strength in flexibility. I have also chosen yoga for its popular experience of bringing peace and calmness to the body and mind which I have experienced especially during term break where I was doing dynamic yoga for a few days in the morning. I have also chosen it as another option in Sunshine.
  • Creative Writing: For creative writing I’m just going to simply write. Just writing, I feel will probably make me come out of my difficulty in writing. It will also (hopefully) make me imaginative in whatever I’m doing, not just writing.
  • What I liked in film making was that my scripts have been improving from the previous ones I have more detail in them. (If you come over I could teach you how to do it). I made a movie on dreams I’ll put the link below I won’t say what happens but I really like the different angles I took shots from though I could still work on moving camera scenes. I have not being putting lot of effort into it and I feel like I should have put in more and at least made one more one in a month isn’t enough. (You could come over and help).
  • From last year and the first term I think my ability to pass and to think how to make a play has improved a lot. (I still lose the ball like crazy). Another observation is that I am putting more effort in working on my skills than last year (I think fifa world cup gave the start). My fitness has decreased because I do football practice in the morning so I don’t do sunshine. I should really start doing fitness on the weekends. (Do you do some sort of fitness) I have shown more interest in football than last term and the past four years.
  • In my planning for term two I planned to read a autobiography of a player and watch a documentary. Well I did do that I am currently reading a book on Antoine Griezmann and I watched ronaldo the documentary. (You should really read the book it’s awesome). I would rate myself around 6/10
  • I started learning by reading books but then slowly I am using duolingo (A language app) Reading books and from youtube. (Hey maybe I could teach you something). I have been putting lot of effort and I have been doing it almost daily. My understanding is pretty good and I also realised I am learning fast.
  • When I planned my term I planned to learn dutch and spanish but then I figured I’ll do only one language at a time. (Uno idioma mi amigo). I rate myself around 7 or 8/10
  • This term I messed up a lot of times because sometimes my accounts don’t match sometimes the money is missing and many more incidents like that. (Could you please teach me?). I have started the spreadsheets I have finished the fees chart till how much ever has been done till now.
  • I made two paintings this term and I think that my color mixing is kind of in place and I feel that maybe I should improve it a bit more. I did it for exploring so I don’t think I want to continue it. I rate myself 3/10
  • I read Comics and Manga books. Then I started getting interested in Naruto. In Naruto there is something called as sharingan. I liked it a lot. I started writing and drawing about Sharingan.I didn’t work on complicated words while reading. I still need to work on it. I didn’t take effort to work on spellings. I did hand writing on cursive writing book. I have not worked on it seriously. Whenever I do writing for planning or journal, I am not using cursive writing. I have observed that whenever I write in hurry, not focusing on the handwriting, I don’t write properly. Sometimes I cannot understand what I wrote. I am trying to use correct spellings at times.