Reflection to assess


We experience, we do and live life, we learn but our measures are measured when someone else (examiners) in their own perspective with their own limitations assess (examination and results).

We rarely pause and reflect on self, our day, our experiences and our learning. Reflection at Aarohi is one of the ways to assess. When this process is repated number of times the mind gets used of reflecting and reflection leads to inner growth via self-discovery.

Each week reflect using various tools and mediums. This week we reflected using questions.

CATEGORY: What we have seen in last two days:

  1. A tree or plant that you have seen

  2. An animal that you have seen

  3. Your plate of food

  4. A dress that you wore or somebody wore

  5. Any tool that you used

  6. Any object that was broken or not working

  7. A person you interacted with

  8. A form of your hand that you used


CATEGORY: What we have heard/felt in last two days:

  1. Something that you felt in Ambrosia (with your hands)

  2. A sound that you heard

  3. What made you angry/upset

  4. Something that made you excited

  5. Something that made you nervous or tense or scared

  6. Something important that somebody said to you

  7. Something nasty that somebody said to you


CATEGORY: About what thought/remembered / imagined:

  1. One interesting thought you had in last two days

  2. What you remembered most from last week

  3. What you liked most from last two days

  4. What interesting could happen to you rest of the week

  5. What will you like to change in you

  6. What will you like to add to your planning

  7. What will you like to tell your parents about

  8. What would you like to say THANK YOU for!