Reflecting by Drawing collaboratively


We asked “draw something you were Immersed in during the day” andthen, “draw what strengths others would be using – add to their drawing”.
We were immersed in reflecting – recollecting, drawing, and thinking about other’s strengths.

In some ways, the only real way we live (and learn) is by thinking.

Hence open learning is all about reflecting.

Reflecting on what the child wants to do (and learn).
Reflecting on how to do – the whole process of structuring their own learning, designing it and then delivering on it.

Reflecting after doing how the journey was – what the child enjoyed, what did not, what was easy, challenging and frustrating.

Reflecting on what tools, skills, methods, resources the child used, what worked, what did not.

Reflecting on how I can do the next time and plan for the same

Reflecting on myself, my strengths, my habits, my styles, my weaknesses, my improvements, my stagnations, my whole journey of doing and learning.

Reflecting on how one was with others, how one interacted, worked and how relationships are evolving.

Reflecting by seeking feedback of others

Reflecting by helping, supporting, facilitating others.

Reflecting is learning how to learn, in a million ways.