Reflecting and Learning


Some snippets from our reflection

When we were harvesting groundnut at farm, I was feeling that I won’t be able to finish so much in a day and I started, in the middle I felt that it is going happen so negative image cleared and positive image came, it helped to work and finish the work.

This week I was like a leaf so the first day I was like the smooth surface of the leaf, as the leaf’s surface was smooth my day went smooth without hurry burry. The second day I was like water droplet on the leaf which came and then dropped down, so in the day went to gracy aunty’s farm and came back so as the droplet cleans the leaf and drops so the same way I went to the farm and helped in harvesting. The third day I was like the different lines on the leaf the same way in the whole day I was doing a lot of different things and also learned a lot of things.