Reflect to Digest – Aarohi X

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What better way to learn?

I decide ~ I do ! I reflect

Even in this COVID situation, we work from home and come together as a community to share and be with each other. It’s not about online, it’s about CONNECTIONS!

Questioning is akin to looking for different foods, observation is eating it, REFLECTION is digesting what we have eaten.

This week as a community we reflected – kids joined online and we together we played the reflection

Some expressions

“This week I was KIND to – Mom, dog, brother, leg, friend, call, self,

“This week something I FOUND – a new song, Spanish, green, homeschooling, new designs, sharp scissors with a scrubber, sandwich, growth of English, recipe,

“This week MIND was tricky – cooking, parenting, story making

“This week I GRIND myself – exercise every day, keep self-discipline, running, maths, grammar, drawing, a new program,

And we used talks/chat/acting to reflect in different ways

When we asked, “WHY to do REFLECTION?”

Some expressions:

“Grow, feedback, what new, improve, do more and look back on your childhood”.One shared “When you grow up and have nothing to do, you can look into your reflections and also you can get a job and write an autobiography”!

Reflection is not about checking who did what, it is also not about what were the results, but it is all about how I grew in my journey! Reflection is one of the processes to connect with self and look back into our week to know self.