Red light area

Two kids from a Mumbai NGO are planning to visit Aarohi next week. NGO, Kranti empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change.

This brought the discussion on what is red light area? What is body business? Why will someone like to do that? Why kids beg? What is kidnapping? Where do we have red light area in Bangalore? HIndi movies helped us a lot to take the discussion forward and also helped us in understanding various social situtaion, otherwise hard to explain. We also discussed various things about fee, fund raising and various social background and also what all challenges it will bring to us?

And finally it lead to our self defense team setting goal to find out about “what is kidnapping and what all to do in such situations?” At the end one child asked “does the NGO wants to send these children or children want to come to Aarohi? Did they ask kids, if they want to come?