Often we play and play with previously known set rules. One way to develop the creativity is to go beyond what is obvious – obviously:).One child took few resources and recommended various usage of that resource beyond what it used for and recommended to others in the group.

Another chidl shared different books on “visuals”. Here is what theyshared

Sharing 15 ways to use “chess board”.

  1. Use for multiplication
  2. Count the boxes
  3. Knowing from which method it is made
  4. Know Spellings
  5. For doing Fractions
  6. Know numbers
  7. Do addition
  8. Measure the size of the board
  9. See patterns
  10. Do divisions
  11. Find out the shop of the chess board
  12. FInd name of the board
  13. Use as a laptop
  14. For time pass
  15. Have fun

15 ways of using “chess coins”

  1. Observe
  2. Count
  3. See the size
  4. Draw
  5. Make tower
  6. Learn how to place on chess board
  7. Find out the material
  8. Size
  9. Find the way we use it
  10. Names of cois
  11. Find out the reason why black and white
  12. Find out who discovered the coins
  13. See designs
  14. FInd out what use chess coins to play?
  15. See color