Read Read Read

This week we explored words in different ways.

Whenever kids asked me the meaning of the new words – sometimes I explained the meaning, sometimes I told the similar meaning, sometimes we guessed the meanings, sometimes I did not tell, we did not look into the dictionary or ask anyone else. We observed the usage of the word, kept the word in mind to see the word again if we have used in other place and so on

Words like industrial, synonymous, mere, brink……..some kids heard or read for the first time. So I decided to not to tell the meaning but to ask them to explore the usage if they have come across in other place (while reading).

Hmmmmmm we need to read a more to be able to see the words again and again in different places. Just 20 minutes read at bed time – is enough to make you a voracious reader!!!


  • You reading to child
  • Child reading by self
  • Read aloud
  • Read in mind
  • Read variety
  • Read read read

At personal level I like reading, I want to read but I had the same reason to not to read “do not get time”. At the campus we dedicate half an hour in the night – I join kids, sometimes they want me to read for them, sometimes they want to read by self and then I get the time to read for myself. And I enjoy this time……just 20 minutes reading DAILY is enough to read a lot in long run.