React reflect learn

I started my journey as facilitator in Aarohi two years back. When I joined, every single day I used to ask other faculty: Is everything ok? What else I need to do? How am I doing? Etc….I was not getting any answers to these questions. Yes I was getting SUPPORT. In my journey I am not feeling alone, I am supported by all my team members.

Many a times I use to ask other faculty about few situations in my session which I would have not responded. She would guide me by saying move ahead, observe yourself. Sometimes I was very unsettled due to lack of clarity in my mind. And I get the response it is good news. I used to wonder what this is. How come it is good news? I used to think a lot…..go back to her with my ideas. Once she told me you react to those situations and then reflect and you learn. We closed our conversation there. But a simple statement from her made me think a lot. I spoke that statement many a times in my mind. I was reflecting is it that I do not want to go wrong and hence I wait for inputs? Is it that I am not open to experiment? If I as a facilitator am not open to try different style in session, how will I be able to create that environment in my session?

She keeps saying, there is not a single way or there is nothing like our (Aarohi way) way. We need to come out with different ways with different child. I felt that me as a facilitator needs to do that journey. I cannot take it from others and work on those in my session. So I am on my own journey of “React…….Reflect….and move ahead in my life with learning in my hand.”