Rate yourself


Self assessment is internal assessment, often bring internal awareness of self. It also works like a mirror to show us our own internal side – sometimes it is frustrating to see ourselves like that.Self assessment is part of living at Aarohi. We do it in different ways. One of the way is to rate ourselves. Here is one

Go outdoor – lay stones from one to ten – these stones are the rating ladder. Now reflect about the day in many different ways and rate yourself from one to ten. Few examples

  • In the day you were focused on your work – 1 for not at all, 10 for completely into your work. Where you stand, discuss with others and explain why do you think what rating giving yourself.
  • In the day how greedy you felt – 1 for not at all and 10 for loads. Here greedy is not just for material things but greedy for achievement, greedy for pleasure etc.
  • In a day how much I listened to my tummy – 1 for not at all and 10 for fully in tune with my tummy.