Thinking Skills are the mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, make plans, pass judgments, organize information and create new ideas.

Often thinking skills are taken as questioning.

And questioning is taken as “question to answer?

or restricted to “you tell, you decide, how you want to do” and so on.

Here is the inventory of ideas, one can apply in many different situations and allow kids to think. To, think and work out of their own choices.

  • Describe Which one
  • What How Define What is the one best
  • Why How much Match Choose
  • When What does it mean Select Omit
  • State in your own words Classify
  • Which are facts, opinions
  • What does this mean ?
  • Give an example
  • Select the best definition
  • Condense this paragraph
  • Show What would happen if
  • State in one word Indicate
  • Explain what is happening
  • What part doesn’t fit Tell Explain what it means
  • What restriction would you add
  • Translate Read the graph, table
  • What exceptions are there Outline This represents
  • Which is more probable Summarize Is it valid that
  • What are they saying
  • Which statements support the main idea
  • What seems likely Explain Show in a graph
  • Predict what would happen if
  • Choose the best statements that apply
  • Tell what would happen
  • Tell how, when, where, why
  • Tell how much change there would be
  • Distinguish
  • Identify
  • What is the function of
  • What’s fact, opinion
  • What’s the theme, main idea, subordinate idea
  • What assumptions
  • What conclusions
  • Make a distinction
  • What statement is relevant, extraneous to, related to, not applicable
  • What inconsistencies, fallacies
  • What literary form is used
  • What persuasive technique
  • What is the premise What does author be
  • What relationships between
  • What ideas apply, not apply State the point of view of
  • Implicit in the statement is the idea of
  • What ideas justify conclusion
  • The least essential statements are
  • Write (according to the following limitations)
  • Create How would you test Make up
  • Tell Propose an alternative Compose
  • Make Solve the following
  • Formulate a theory
  • Do Plan How else would you
  • Dance Design State a rule
  • Choose Develop
  • Judge
  • Criticize
  • Which is more important, moral, better, logical, valid
  • appropriate, inappropriate
  • Defend Find the errors
  • Compare
  • – What do you think will be the outcome? – In your opinion .