The purpose – Rameshwaram

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Imagine, Aarohi, A learning community where learning is the core purpose of all action that happens. Since the whole world is our curriculum, whatever the child decides to do – a chore, a project, skill development, a campus responsibility or job or working on one’s interest – everything is for the purpose of learning.

Similarly, traveling is also designed to offer value addition to a child’s learning. Every opportunity, each moment is designed keeping in mind that each interaction is a source of learning.

A trip to Rameshwaram brought an opportunity to question – What is the purpose? How to make it a learning opportunity? What are the options?

A thought – If have one vague objective (see the fish) then we have that much-limited learning opportunity, How about having multiple objectives?

A session to ponder – what all different objectives one can think of?

Like to tell stories – Looking for stories

Like to write – Writing about the experience – sky, sea, fish, sea creatures

Like to draw – Draw the various experiences, Draw in detail

Like to make movies – Capture moments in short movies

Like to talk to people – Interview/ interact with people


Fishing, Sitting on the seashore, swimming, snorkeling, singing fish songs


Analyze – sizes, behavior, features



Searching more

Interact with Marine life and self-time

And the journey yet to begin!