Punishment case – final hearing

We continued the case with a questions “Was 50 sit ups was a consequence ? What could have been consequence?”

Some of the thoughts dicussed during case

Q – How did we decide that this is the time to give punishment?
Response – We did not think too much at that time.
Q – Did the problem solve after that?
Response – The problem did not solve even after that. We were looking for action plan – it was too fast.
Q – Was there any analysis done of the problem?
Response – I did not do any analysis – that there could have been other ways
Q – What is your role when someone is giving you any suggestion ?
Response – Think, Analyse
Q – How the decision was made?
Response – We did not follow what we had decided for any decisions making – no voting, understanding, analysis and questioning. And we do not force to ourselves to agree to the decision. We did not ask all, we just decided. It was done by voting at the moment.

Conclusion – We need to re-look into this decision. We are scraping the 50sits up to solve the problem. Ensure that we follow decision making process.

Notes – Since the case was more on “how the decision was taken?” we did not dwelt much into “why punishment?” We could have called people involved like faculty, kids who got punishment etc – but we stayed with first objective “how decisions?” As if now we have closed the case. If anyone wants to take up more issues out of the case, we will be willing to continue it further.