Puberty or Awkwardness?


When I say the word doctor? When I say farmer what image comes to your mind? What are gender-specific words or professions? Doctor – male, Farmer – Male, House servant – Female, Watchman – Male

Just a small game “Prove me wrong” Whatever statement is said, prove it wrong with an example in a dating relationship, always the boy is supposed to propose – No example get to prove this statement wrong
Girls take longer to take a bath – Mother is done in one minute, the father takes a longtime, brother takes longer than me
Boys are more aggressive and competitive – Marycom movie, Malala.
Girls are emotional, empathy, expressive, soft – A girl got aggressive and I ran away, A male friend is empathetic,
Boys have lesser memory – It just depends on your memory power, steve job, and einstein
Girls are more efficient in multitasking – No example get to prove this statement wrong
Girls have a sense of compassion, nurturing, good with cooking so they should take care of homes – My father cooks better, My father is my mother and my mother is my father, my father is compassionate
Girls are demanding, shopping – My brother is just opposite
Boys are physically and mentally strong – mary com, while giving birth they have to be physically strong
Boys are brave and courageous – Some of my friends are scared
Boys love sports more than girls – No example get to prove this statement wrong
Boys are logical and better in making decisions – No example get to prove this statement wrong

If the only difference between girls and boys is their biological difference then what are those differences, was the next questions?
So what happens in puberty?
We chalked down what are the changes that happen during puberty in a girl and a boy?
What are the common changes like change pimples, hair growth, change in the way of thinking and emotions?
What are the different changes like voice deepening in boys and breast growth in girls?
What is Erection and wet dreams? Why do boys get it?
What is Periods? Why do we have periods? What is PMS?
These questions were understood in detail.

Some unfamiliar and lots of uncomfortable topics and words like uterus, vagina, penis, testicles, sex, sexual feelings were talked about. This was an uncomfortable topic for most – wired, lame, uncomfortable, embarrassing, uneasy were the words describing our state of mind.

Unfortunately in society today, mostly these topics are discussed in a negative context. The actual names are not used but many other words are coined. Teasing, making fun and creating a taboo around it has made us very uncomfortable to talk about these things openly. How is understanding the respiratory system any different than understanding the reproductive system? Why aren’t we understanding puberty, periods, erection, sex, pornography, masturbation, love, gender and so on? Why aren’t we creating positive conversations around these topics?