All meals at Aaorhi are served common, menu team ensures different taste buds are taken care. But snacks timings are different – some gets ‘personal snacks’. Just when some of us started getting comfortable with the thought of personal snacks, instead of working on community need,s started working on self needs, instead of looking for options, started relying on personal snacks, we brought the proposal to scrap Personal Snacks Concept….Trying something new, trying more to understand self.

Debate was organised in thought club to understand different needs – all spoke, all shared – some in favor some against it. One of the 5yr old was concerned with babies eating his personal snacks.

Well, some wanted to continue because their parents/grand parents share love through these snacks, some wanted to continue because it is convenient.

Some wanted to discontinue because stealing happening so no use, some wanted to discontinue because it was bringing inequality, some wanted to discontinue because it was bringing lot of plastics inside campus.

Proposal team (two from each side) had tough time looking into all the needs and realized that the one who want to continue this concept have not experienced the life without proposal snacks ta campus. Following proposal was made to create different experiences before finalizing

TRY something , new, something different

  • Next week – No personal Snacks
  • After that – Only home made snacks
  • After that – Buy from Aarohi Snacks shop

Meanwhile connect with Snacks Counselors to understand your needs and they understand your need to come up with a proposal to suit all in the community.

Imagine Aarohi which does not make the learning easy. Imagine aarohi which does not make the learning obvious. Imagine Aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self discovery. Imagine Aarohi which does not need to make the learning interesting.