Process Questioning


Bean bag needed a wash. That means emptying and then washing. The process of emptying created non-stop chit chat about the ‘beans’.

What is bean? Are Thermocol balls beans? Then what are the beans which we eat?

How many buckets of beans inside a bag?
How many KGS of beans?
How many number of beans?
How much comes in one fist?
How many fists comes in the fallen beans?
What else is similar to these Thermocol balls (beans)?
Will puffed rice and beans will be sane weight? Or what will be heavier?
Why are they jumping? Are they alive?
What if we create zero gravity, will these beans be galaxy?

The pondering continued, we did not stop to find many answers. We continued with emptying the bag and moved on to playing badminton.
We will meet beans once again when we will refill the bag…untill happy pondering.