Process of Planning and Reflection – Self Discovery

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Imagine aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self-discovery.

Every day in the morning we meet to coordinate – our coordination sessions are chaotic, full of chatter and voices “I am making bulbs and want a volunteer help me, I am organizing trek – sign up, I am practicing dance, Kitchen open for making buttermilk, I need paints, I can teach maths and so on.
And meet every day in the evening to reflect and review

What is planning? Some say its organizing learning and life Some do hour by hour planning While some are focusing on what and when and how Some want a very vigorous schedule While some are looking for space for themselves and taking as it comes Some track what they do daily Some like to let it go Some are asking for more Some say enough We say “A way of life design by you for you” What do you say?


We were immersed in reflecting – recollecting, drawing, and thinking about other’s strengths. Reflecting is learning how to learn, in a million ways.

We asked “draw something you were Immersed in during the day” and then, “draw what strengths others would be using – add to their drawing”.

Started with my drawing in the thought club, Each one did a small change in the drawing ( we passed it to others). Few aspects – A small change can make a lot of difference, Some changes we would like to continue, Some changes we would like to discard, Some changes we can make a conscious effort, And that marginal changes can make a lot of difference and that’s all.

We began with “Describe yourself from the week”. Words we heard “Immersed, active, change, thoughtful, happy, organized, curious, fun, involved” Then others shared how did they look at us during the week. and that’s all

The process of I DECIDE is powerful, the process I REFLECT allows me to connect with myself and the community.

Every week meeting with Akkas and Annas – sometimes sharing, sometimes expressing, sometimes just spending time together and laughing. Two things working – COmmitting and self-disciplining self “every Wednesday 1 pm”. Since it is now part of the calendar – we think, what can we do this week? This helps in bringing different aspects and value to the entire meeting.

On-campus Community coming together in the morning with dance or music or singing and moving on to fay coordination – connecting with each other who is doing what, who needs to collaborate with whom, who needs what material, who has planned for any contribution, or who is thinking what and that’s all.

While working on an origami model, doing it and getting in to the action brought in clarity. I was working on a chemistry lesson for my friend’s son. Writing down the equations and my understanding brought in more clarity than just reading or seeing some videos. Overall, DOING brought more clarity.

For me DOING brought in clarity.. meaning I was planning for my upcoming day1 of dance class as an instructor and all was cooking just in my head . I actually mock conducted a class at home for myself (looking in mirror) and got to see a different angle and think from participants point of view and make changes. Fell I should be able to put my best foot forward today eve (day1 of the class).

Where did the last 30 hours go? We took a few tokens and saw our day visually to write our journal. And then we used the same tokens to review and rate our day (scale of 1-5) What all did I plan and what all did I? Food – did I take care of my body needs, Sleep, sleep Fitness – Stay, Hygiene, Safety physical, emotional Care for all — Following mother codes — mask, wash hands, distancing Learning – My day, my skills, my planning, implementation, clarifying, and asking.

We began by recollecting the strengths we exhibited in the past four days. And then looked for related pictures in the old magazines And then started with recollecting other people in the group who exhibited the strengths And together created a collage of collective strengths. For some it took time to think “what, did I”, some were pondering “is this really strength, Am I really?”