Preparing for life : teen club


Growth is inevitable. Physical growth is something that happens naturally in a human being but how aware are we of it and how much do we understand our growing bodies. What about our mental and emotional growth, how do we develop that. Somewhere Teen club started to prepare the budding adolescents for the various changes they are going to through. To understand themselves, others and the world.

Sadhguru talks about physiological growth and psychological growth and in order to pass smoothly through the changes it is important to prepare for the changes.This teen club we began with his video – How to handle self doubt.

We opened up our session with the question, “What questions do you have on life, on yourphysiological and psychological self? What are we curious about? What do we need to understand to prepare ourselves for life?”

Somebody said body changes during puberty, somebody asked what is wet dream, somebody want to know the genders other than man and women, somebody want to learn how to be healthy, somebody wonders how to deal with negative thoughts, somebody wishes to understand how to gain their parents trust and so on. We created a mind map of the various things that can be understood, and now we are all set for the next teen club where we will actually get down to researching, understanding and finding answers to our questions and preparing ourselves for life!

This teen club was inspired by Sadhguru and his online campaign for youth to ask him questions about life.