Preparing-forest fire


Dry season brings the phenomena of forest fire at the campus. And it needs understanding and mental preparation – we began the process today in safety training. Each one of us thought of a question and researched to find that answer
What are the advantages of forest fire
The pros and cons?
What are the famous forest fires?
How does forest fire start?
What all are the types of wildfires?
How does forest fire starts and
What is a forest fire?
Why does forest burn?
What is the main reason for starting a forest fire?
What all makes forest fire?
Types and causes of a forest fire?
What are the good and bad effects of a forest fire?

Words from our research on various aspect of Forest fire – Natural, lightning, man-made reasons, naked fire, left out fire of camping, rain extinguishes the fire, heat, wind pushes, hot winds and sun to spark, friction of Bamboo, dry trees, dig up area, douse it with green leaves, hot sun falls on grass, kill diseases, new life grows, clear unwanted grass, natural de-weeding, death of pets/animals, air pollution, soil degradation, fire needs oxygen, combustible, ground fire, ignited surface fire, fire jump from tree to tree, wildfire, spread forest to forest, wipe out forest, crown fire, spotting fire, fireballs, exotic plants burnt and native plants grow, seeds get cracked and germinate.

Forest fire with respect to the campus – Preparation by cutting the grass, making fire line with the controlled fire of 10 feet around the campus fence, green branches to douse the fire, remain alert for smell and smoke, surface fire, and all this understanding helps in each one to participate.