We drew a rectangle of 10.1 X 2.6 cm and found the center point – we all had a different center point 🙁 – We again drew and this time we worked on precision…. lines were straight, pencil was sharpened, posture was different, surface to draw was firm, we used geometrical instruments…the result was different.Some said it is about practice, some said it is about focus, some said it is about using instrument….I say “Precision is habit of mind”. We further discovered, that we need precision in carpentry, electrical, plumbing…. a lot what we see and do around in our daily life needs precision.

Often we are caught up in a situation when we want our children to work with precision – pour water in bottle or milk in glass. Often the action of falling milk and taken as reaction of “carelessness”.Next time when you listen yourself telling your child “be careful do not drop” – remind yourself “It is not that your child is careless its just that either the value of precision is not explored or not exposed yet”.

Your intention are positive – “you want to expose your child to the habit of mind of precision”. May be you need to do it differently or rather look at it as unexposeded habit of mind.Hmmm…let us introduce the skill of precision to our kids – do not leave it to the chance to develop. Some tips

  • Introduce it through different activities
  • Use it in many different ways, at different places
  • Strategy – Identify what makes me not do with precision and do I want to work on them (what is more valuable for me – precision or work done). Once child identifies the value, the strategies will follow.
  • Practice!!! and it will become habit of mind.

Enjoying being with kids at Aarohi.