Praise – Appreciation – Approval


How is my painting? How did I behave today? If people like my food, I get motivated? Does this happens to you…we pondered in thought club and we began with asking questions

Does approval effect me?
Can we live without praise, approval, and appreciation?
What will happen if nobody knew or invented these words?
What will happen if someone praises or what will lead to?
When all do I seek and when all do I don’t seek?
Why shall I seek?
How else can we use these words?
What all do I gain or lose?
From whom all do I seek?
How many different ways we get or seek?
What if I am not seeking but still I get praise?
What happens without seeking I get approval?
How will I do my work if there is nobody around to appreciate or praise my work?
What is my action or response when I don’t get praise?
What happens when I don’t get the way I expect praise?
Is this important to get praise or approval?
How does affect my work?
How will it be instead of seeking from others, I do it for myself? (praise or approval)
How is seeking praise connected to my happiness?
What emotions happens when I get or not get praise?
How do that effects my self-beliefs?

We just asked questions and left to individuals to answers to self.