The power of Self Organizing

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According to us this loss of academic interaction is GOOD NEWS. Here is an opportunity for schools to invite learning to be not driven by teachers, but be child-led. We can stop being teachers. Let children teach themselves or each other. We can play the role of mentors or guides. We can be available to them. Whatever interaction time we get, we can spend in connecting with the child, rather than teaching. Right now, children don’t need curriculum mongers, rather relationship builders.

Klubs at Aarohi-X are the spaces, self-organized by the learners. People of all ages come together to learn something they are interested in.
One of the days Leela could not attend Nature and Programming Klub

So I was on duty
Well, I thought since I am logging in, I might as well add some value (ah! What an ego)
Well, my ego got shattered (happily)

In Nature Klub they were engrossed in interaction – Some were sharing, some were listening, some were pulling legs on the chair….some pondering, some questioning, some were peeing into the screen – I did not need to add value. The value was in their interaction and involvement.

In Programming Klub – listen to the recording to know how my ego was shattered, else read on:

Programming KLub became Electronics Klub
Leader came forward

Listeners added value
Knowledgeable took the interaction forward
Experienced shared their treasure

And Parul, a mother was a child among the children – genuinely asking, sharing and absolutely out of her age (totally one among them).

They lost the sense of time

With them I too (I thought I was time conscious)
They had trouble in between
They just moved on…

The joy DOUBLED with my adding value by not adding any value
I came back more VALUABLE and Knowledgeable about the POWER of LEARNING