In one of our session, we explored Potatoes as a part of fllocinaucinihiliphilification. Children were divided into groups and each group was given a potato to explore in different ways.

One group made a slice in the potato and they sprinkled some salt to one half and turmeric powder to the other half of the potato slice. One child said; the side where the salt was sprinkled turn colour whereas the turmeric side was the same. One child shared that they also want to see the difference between a boiled, fryed and baked potato.

The two other teams wanted to check the temperature of the potato with a clinical thermometer (the thermometer was not working) and then they boiled it and then again wanted to check the temperature.
The children put the potato on the stove to boil and suddenly the gas got over, so the children were given the option of using a microwave. The potatoes were microwaved.
The children tasted the potatoes and shared that the potato was softy hard after boiling.

One group put the potato on a weighing machine and tried to weigh it. The machine was for heavy weight so the machine did not show any weight. The children shared that the machine was at the starting point itself.

One group cut the potatoes into small pieces and observed them under a magnifying glass.