This week we came up with a list of ACTIONS possible for MY INTEREST – the idea was to self discover those possibilities by THINKING about the interest in many different ways – ANHAD (boundless). The idea was to THINK of the possibilities. The idea was to COLLECT. The idea was to go beyond our own limitations!

Thought club was about sharing a video about your interest, skills involved in your interest – The intent to experience interconnectedness through our interest. We watched together and got introduced to many more interests – isn’t it beautiful!Astronomy and observation, Art and play, Innovation And coconut shell, Dance and meditation,Music and joy, Doing and trying,Books and joy, Film making and art of it,Football and drills, Coins and collection, Gymnastic and strength, Drawing and cats,Plants and patterns, Possibilities Possibilities! Ya! there are many possibilities.

GruhaPravesam to a child’s house was another opportunity to learn! One child took up the responsibility to coordinate. We traveled from Campus to HSR layout, using various modes of transports, catching a local buses, finding directions, calculating our expenses, buying tickets for mixed age, changing bus, chasing train status…were just a few of the opportunities where she took complete responsibility. She used various skills to navigate all of us. And sumptuous food, and puja and music jam and meeting more people, receiving hospitality, and blessing the new house were some of the side benefits of this outdoor!

My learning…my journey…my efforts


FIRST AID with the group – each one of us researched about a topic chosen by us
NOSEBLEEDwith a childAnterior and posterior, occur, dry climate, dry nasal membrane, blowing nose often, summer, hot, Sit upright, pinch lean forward, no drink or swallow, prolonged, Don’t tilt backward or lie down, prevent by not picking, avoid smoking, keep the nose moist,

BUG IN YOUR EAR with another child –sharp pain, discomfort, sensation, bleeding, swallowing hearing loss – tilt your head and gently shake, don’t hit the ear, don’t put tweezer and cotton swab, do not poke. If a Cockroach goes inside ear- they cannot move backward, immediately see a doctor.DROWNINGwith another childFInd something to hold, give a rope, don’t jump inside the water,

ELECTRICITY SHOCKwith another childSome things which electricity flow are conductors like metal and flowing water, Something which electricity does not flow are Insulator – rubber, plastic, glass, dry wood. Use insulating tape for exposed wires. While working with wear rubber gloves, plastic stool,

HEATSTROKEwith another childhot weather, strenuous exercise, common in summer, symptoms – confusion, agitation, slur speech, irritability, vomiting skin red, rapid and shallow breathing, headache, high body temperature, et into shade, remove excess clothing, cool with whatever available – water, wet cloth, Risk Factor – age, exertion, sudden exposure, lack of air conditioning, certain medical conditions, medication, Preventing – Wear loose-fitting clothing, protect against sunburn, stay hydrated, not exert during hottest part of the day, get acclimatized

SNAKE BITEwith another childnot panic.

HEART ATTACKwith another child– Blood supply is cut off. Symptoms – Nausea, trouble in breathing, upper body pain. More chances of getting – smoking, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, alcohol, and stress. FIRST AID – first call ambulance, make them sit, keep monitoring.Often asked “how do they know, what all is possible? Will they miss what they don’t know?

Possibilities Possibilities!
Ya! there are many possibilities.