Is pondering learning?

One child expressed in thought club “how do we decide when to use soap nut and when to use detergent to clean”. She also shared, “when I want to have nice smell I use detergent, rest of the times I use soap nut. I use soap nut because it does not have chemical – but what is chemicals? In toothpaste they write “below 6yrs age, use pea size paste and under adult supervision” – is that not harmful?”

Others shared various scenarios when they use soap nut and why?

The discussion went into “What is chemical?” What is harmful chemical? Why when paste falls on the floor no insects come to bite, while when an apples falls many come to eat? What is in paste so insects do not want to eat, except humans noone want to use it? Which apple rot and does not? and why?

Well, we did not come to any conclusion “when to use soap nut” – but the whole discussion created many more thoughts and questions in our mind. I guess, this will allow us to think and understand more than just following usage of soap nut.