Poetry Exploration – Learning Possibilities

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Exploring POETRY – just like that
Some people signed up
And started their journey
And that’s how learning continued …

9 weeks, 9 hours, 540 minutes, 32,400 seconds When I proposed the idea, I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone as neither was I a poet nor did I really understand poetry or rhyming or ……..! Thanks to the passionate poetry lovers who stepped up to lead & host and share resources, it was such an exploratory experience! Here is a summary of what we explored:
What is poetry?
Poetry recitation – written by a poet
Poetry recitation – own poetry
Exploring different forms of poetry writing
List poetry, Blackout poetry
Alliterations and rhyming, Writing poetry using Poetry prompts
My worst poetry, ‘I am’ poetry
Concrete poetry
These 9 weeks of exploration have expanded me and made me so open to the beautiful world of poetry. Thank you to each and everybody who joined in for the sessions and contributed, shared their beautiful poetry, and touched my heart.

A founding for my home
A pillar for my cradle
A shelter for my hatchlings
You are my relaxing balcony

I vacillate
Vacillate between two roads
Two roads that are reversed
One leads deep inside
While the other scouts outside
I vacillate

I am a plant and a pot
I wonder about sky-high above
I hear the winds whoosh whoosh
I see the raindrops and rainbow
I want to taste the water falling from the sky
I am a plant and a pot.
I pretend to be touching clouds high
I feel anxious about falling down and failure
I worry about showing up on time.
I cry when I feel disrespected
I am a plant and a pot.
I understand I am a part of the cosmos
I say I belong to this planet
I dream about traveling to places
I try to move my limbs
I hope for a ray of light
I am a plant and a pot!

i am always written with some ink
i don,t like
i want to go out and fly like a kite
its boring to sit in one place as a book sometimes in the hook

coriander vegetables
lemon masala by tossing a little dosala
and some milk from gosala.
by a mooo shala chutney with patani in a mixy a little chill
and some chili and some medi,
pilly a silly, chilly, pilly and killy goes to a milly ghee from cow
and some potato also capsicum also cucucumcooking come.

Gang of girls
Gathered at table
Sharing food for senses
Growing stronger and stronger
We are friends in our 30s

Blackout and list poetry

Filled me with so much glee
Opened my eyes wide
Got my head moving side to side
Lists that turned into poetry
Brought me joy even in the grocery!

Plants in my Balcony’
There are usually shades of green
Those myriad colored flowering ones
Those who give out plantlets from leaves
Those with cigar pipe-like unfurled leaves
Those with an incredible riot of patterns
The fuzzy, velvety, and sandpaper textured
The ones needing daily attention
And those I can forget to tend to for days
Some which hold on to the railings
And All those which hold my heart

The color of mangoes
The childhood memories
My silly ideas
My love for candles
My sister’s giggling
Fragrance of jasmine
Mesmerizing sunsets
Storytelling stars
Morning walk on the grass
Night stroll after dinner
The scent of new books
Reading through my old dairies
Old black armchair
The scent of my son’s hair.

My tongue drizzles
At the frozen dessert
As petrichor swathes

I was never a fan of poetry. Poetry had almost always been introduced to me as something we needed to dissect and think about what the poet was thinking when he wrote a word or verse. However, when I joined the Writers Klub, and we started poetry exploration, I learned a new way to express different emotions or a topic in an entirely new way. I learned poetry doesn’t always have to have a definite structure, and that there was a lot of freedom involved!

After just 2 weeks of exposure to poetry and Yusra was completely hooked on creating more poetries and she really enjoying writer’s club

The wide variety of poetry writing and reading was especially mind-blowing and also the enchanting recitations.