Poems by Aarohi Children during parent Workshop

Poem 1
On a very hot day,
A crow lost his way,
He flew far, far away,
Through the hot sun’s ray.
He badly needed water,
So, he talked to a potter,
Potter said, ‘Talk to my daughter,
Who’s gone to fetch water’
The crow didn’t find her anywhere,
So he sat down after looking here and there,
Thinking hard what to do,
He saw a pot and flew.
The mud pot had water too less,
His beak couldn’t reach after a press,
He wondered how to get the water up,
He wished the had been a cup.
Lots of stones did he spot,
What a great idea! he thought,
He threw many stones in,
And he knew it wasn’t a sin,
The water level grew,
he drank water and flew.
Poem 2
A crow flew in the sky,
On the ground, he did not want to lie
He ate a pie and flew very very high
He felt his throat was dry
At last, he did spot,
A broken, brown pot
He put his beak in the pot,
He realized water was shallow in the pot,
He caught sight of pebbles,
He knew it was the end of his troubles,
He put them one by one,
And he told, ‘ha! I am done!’
He drank the water,
Singing tan tana tan