Play with worms


Some of the kids who set their goal as ‘play’ spotted some worms under a rock. They got busy in observing the movement of the worms and debating to identify them. “How many legs?, what do they eat?, are they babies? …the exploration continued.

One of them got the idea to make home for them – soon some twigs were collected and home was made.

Another decided to give them bath! The adult in me wanted to say “lets care for them” but the child in me wanted to play around with my curiosity. To give them bath, a waterfall was made on the rock … the whole exploration took few hours.

At the end they all had sense of achievement to take care of the worms. Next day worms had abandoned the rock or they died after a waterfall bath – we do not know. Team is in search for them to take better care next time. Its all in play!

Play has very powerful learning dimensions in children’s life – let them play in nature – Let them connect with nature in their natural form – JUST PLAY!