Pets as resource

Finally all dogs are sterilized. They are back home and recovering. One of them was pregnant and kids took the decision to abort. Hmmmmmmmm the whole process of taking this decision was interesting and thoughtful. At many places we were thrown challenges and team came out of it :). It began with emotional decision – let our pets experience pregnancy, let it be natural.

Soon one of our dog was on heat and we had sleepless nights with many street dogs hovering around to mate with her. We realized we are not ready for more dogs. We began with strong objection to chain our dogs, the arguments was “when we do not chain kids, why should chain our dogs”. We explored leashing them when they were unsafe and when ot was required. .

It was not an easy decision to abort Bella. Some kids fought, some were very clear that they cannot take care of more pets. Some changed decision when they were asked to take responsibility of existing pets. We realized that it will be not possible for anyone to stay at campus on weekends and take care of pets or anyone cannot stop going out of campus for further studies, just because we have pets at campus to be taken care. It did not look logical to have more pets, more puppies.

Every time we were faced with challenges– the Petteria team came in action working day and night. Every step was planned meticulously, interacting with expert in the fields, reading about it, questioning, sharing and documenting. Just wondering just a pet at the campus has added many different learning opportunities for all of us.