Personal Mastery – Deep Dive

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Some kids are deep-diving into one or few of their interests. Going deeper into an interest beyond “I like to do”. Some of them spending 8-10 hours daily on developing their interests – football, filming, business, music are some of them. While some are not going deep into something but going specific in their choices to develop few interests and experiencing what does it mean to go deeper.

Understanding self beyond liking or disliking an interest became a logical step.
So we began withliving possibilities – “WRITE A DAY in YOUR LIFE, LIVING YOUR LIFE”, Add details of

  • If you could be exactly the person you wanted to be, what are your qualities?

  • What is your ideal living environment?

  • What kind of relationships you’ve with family, friends, spouse, etc.

  • What is your vision for the community you live in?

  • What are your desires for health, fitness, and your body?

  • What impact would you like your efforts to have?

  • What else in any area would you like to create in your life?

    THINKing of life one wants to have for self as it is happening NOW. Describing it in writing as it is, in the present tense.

    • What does it look like?

    • What does it feel like?

    • What words would you use to describe it?

    At this moment just write your DEEPEST DESIRE

    And then connecting with
    can’t have what I want

    • Have you been listening “do not think too much, you can anyway not get it”

    • Not possible is irrelevant – it’s your current reality.

    • Drop your worries, doubts about the limits of your future

    And then
    I want what someone else wants for me

    • For the duration of this exercise focus on only what you want

    • Only and only what to you want – not what others want for you

    I don’t know what I want

    • Its with all of us – it’s inside

    • Also is it some apprehension to not commit to self what one wants?

    And then
    I don’t know what I want

    • Its with all of us – it’s inside

    • Also is it some apprehension to not commit to self what one wants ?

    I already know what I want

    • It’s not only about your career or skills or interest

    • It’s to create a NEW sense of yourself

    • Something you create and re-create

    And then
    I am scared of what I want

    • You decide your limits

    • If too much scary – leave that thought

    It doesn’t matter what I want

    • don’t be little yourself

    • explore what you want

  • Asawari, the co-host of the session, 21yrs old, an entrepreneur sharing, “I unknowing reflected on my own vision. Got space to even go deeper through the demo and churn over my own vision. I got clarity that my vision is so because I need to feel worthy not just in the future but I have the need now. how to make my vision my current reality is what I am churning with. and today’s session gave me the question why cant I feel stable, confident, worthy, and achieved now why wait!!! And churning why I feel a natural lifestyle is a right thing???

    Ajesh, a parent and also part of the facilitation team sharing, “personal mastery and giving us questions, ways to think and for connecting our goals to their core values. As I find the connection it’s liberating, as i now have more than one way to live the core values now and in the future.Thanks for enquiring if our current habits are in sync with our goals and why those values that are important in the future are not lived today?Thanks for highlighting that many of us may be focussing too much on a perfect life, that reality is bound to offer many a surprise, and that the ability to recover from failures is a habit that we need to build all along.”

    Aswathy, 17yrs old, going deep into film making sharing, “it truly made me think more about my purpose and vision than I’ve ever thought about it, and now that I’ve scratched the surface, I understand that what I know is a drop and what I don’t is the ocean.”

    Advik, 15yrs old, going deep into business sharing, “Personal mastery has helped me to understand a direction of which area I would like to explore and go deep, with doing various different things from now to achieve my long term vision, which is still not fully clear to me. I think If I continuously keep doing various different things in the area of my long-term goal I think it will be easy for me to figure out a way for myself to achieve the long-term goal. To some extent I have Included few people who can help me out for my short term goal which is connected to my long term goal, I haven’t conveyed my vision, I myself am not fully clear of my vision I have a long term goal, I still have to figure out why I am doing it, Which It will take its own time for me to know why If I keep doing it.”

    Dhrupad, 16yrs old who is going deep into becoming a sports professional sharing, “The personal mastery has helped me in kinda clearing my dream and the path to get there. I will eventually do it again after 6 months or a year, kinda like a reflection and re-planning based on where I stand at that moment, and if I want to continue on the same path. I think at the moment it is enough. Too much might be a little over stressing for me (This is excluding the people and resources i’m reaching out to at the moment). I have included my parents (obviously) I am also reaching out more to my coaches and physio/trainers. I’m telling each one what I want from them for example from the physio I’ll tell him the kind of physique and fitness level I want to be at. I think my dream is conveyed to my parents but maybe not so clear to my coaches and other resource people”.

    Devi, 16yrs old, passionate about music sharing, “Personal mastery has enlarged my imagination capability and made me think about various possibilities. Thinking about my passion which will be my career, is something I do every day. I tend to overthink a lot which leads to losing confidence and questioning myself unnecessarily. Personal mastery has helped me with that area. But to be honest, I wasn’t completely involved in the complete process and realized in the first or second session that it wasn’t quite helping me or creating a change in my thinking. But slowly I tried to change my thinking and it had a few impacts as I’ve mentioned. Some things: Is working on your passion and profession always a positive and joyful process? What can I do to not overthink and just Do it? When do we actually be serious about our passion for the profession? Some questions I didn’t have the gap to ask. Overall I’m not completely sure about what change it has made or how it has helped me.

    Shikha 13yrs old, passionate about dance/music/gymnastic/ballet/computer programming sharing “I don’t have a very clear vision or purpose yet. right now I’m focusing on coding and I like it for various reasons. I’m planning to go deeper in gymnastics. and I’m planning to get to that goal through coding. Right now I do have some kinda purpose to help me go deeper and think about my path but I have to know Idea when it’s going to be something different, as long as I’m giving my gifts to the world. To me personal mastery has helped me think about all the various possibilities in what I am doing and integrate everything. personal mastery has made me go really deep and has made me think about my purpose in detail. right now I think this is enough and I have many tools to help me go forward. I have briefly conveyed this vision to my parents but still, need to discuss this further and spend more time on this with them. And will convey this to my peers if needed in the future.

    Davin, 17yrd old, passionate to become a football professional sharing, “The personal mastery helped me bring more clarity for my dream and also think more outside the box. I think I should do it after 6 months or a year which will give me enough to reflect on and see what needs more attention.I think for starters this is good for now. For now, I’ve just included my parents and peers. Other than my parents and peers I have not yet tried reaching out and asking for the kind of support I need from my coaches

    Skanda, 15 yrs old, passionate for music production sharing, “The personal mastery helped to think about my dreams and vision in detail and it gave me a little more clarity about myself. I will probably do it again in a year because it helped me in the vision. I have not made a clear path yet but I want to start reflecting and planning. I have not talked about this too much with my parents. They know the basic goal but I still want to get deeper with my family. I discuss a lot with my peers and I ask them for help and feedback often. I still am not reaching musicians which I want to remind myself of and do it.”