Peaceful Warrior


Peaceful Warriors, movie based on real life incidences of a Gymnast, Dan Maillman.

Many of our kids work on their interest and many times there are hidden expectations or messages to them to ‘be succeful (awards, medals) or an achiever’. Often even when kids talk about any interest they talk about ‘being best, being famous, being hero’. The movie talks about ‘joy of doing’ and question ‘what after medal?’ 13 lessons from the movie http://www.collective-evolutio.cvm/2013/07/06/13-lessons-from-the-movie-peaceful-warrior/

The movie underlines the importance of the ‘journey’. Reminds me of a quote ‘we worry about future so much that we forget that we are something today’. One of thing from the movie struck was ‘ to be in present’.

Good watch. Some may feel a bit heavy on philosophy.