PCF at I campus


As the parents came in they explored the welcome materials. Later the materials for stimulation were displayed and they were asked to do the activities, none of they came to be part of the stimulation, instead the parents choose to spend time with the content and MI guides. Later they were briefed about the objective of the week and how children are facilitated to connect their goal with the objective of the week. After that all them choose a goal to observe the session.

The second half session in the afternoon was for the parents to share their understanding and thoughts about the session. Few points that came out were –
  • If my child is reluctant for reading, how do you facilitate.
  • Concern about mobile apps at home and not much doing something else at home.
  • The parents also had some concerns of logging in to read observation.

Our Thoughts
  • At Aarohi we labels, read on food packets, give various stimulation for reading, relating to the child’s interest first and then move to other topics. At home read together, read daily (even if the child is not looking at the book), read labels, read food recipes, read about TV programs, read letters, write and read a note to the child, write and read notes in lunch box (let it be surprise), read about the topic your child likes, read about what you likes. Read for joy, may be not to teach reading.
  • At Aarohi while the work on mobile app/ video games are not any inferior to any other topic, we also play around with different kinds of stimulation, do many different things. The four buckets allows us to do things in many different ways. May be at home take time out for the activities you would like to do together like play chess. Basically create a DOING environment at home.
  • When you have any such issues, connect with mentor faculty immediately and not wait for any event. Also we expect parents to spend some time with newsletter to get the understanding about working of Aarohi.

When a child peeped into an open sump, we called for an urgent safety meeting including parents, caretakers, children and admin. We looked into “my role” in my safety. This continued after PCF also. We also pulled up our systems and ensure safety for all.

One of the parents shared her observation of how children were wroking on doing an experiment with some batteries, she shared how child, tried and tried and tried and tried, they were persistent in doing what they liked and wanted to do. She also expressed how she was feeling in the session and her experience observing them. Also shared that she wanted to observe her children but ended up observing other children which she was fine with.

We (faculty) think the parents need to come with some mental preparedness as towhat will their goal be (thinking something from the above list).So as our partners, they are totally involved in the system andequally responsible in the whole process. Their ideas, thoughts can beof great value to the whole community. We alsothink that we need to clarify to parents why we want them tobe part of the stimulation (not merely to make them do/engage them)

but for them to get some understanding “why” it is done. so theparents will be able to relate/understand how my child is taking this,what stimulation does to my child, why is it open? and so on.Be clear that our reflection will be on some parameters , any concernsthey can connect to their mentors faculties.We need to have some clear goal for parents to choose from.