PCD 15th July

We began with understanding about. Session was about how to do different activities at home related to the theme going on in class. We picked up the theme of “Shopping”. We all came up with different activities related to the theme like

Few expression from parents

  • What if child is not interested in doing funwork?
  • How do we know that the funwork is checked by faculty or child is showing?
  • Daily observation of the child

Our thoughts

  • Funwork is for parent and child both. It is not homework. Its suggested list of activities which a parent child can do at home. Child can do the same activity or do different. Parent can still do the same activity or may come with many other activities.
  • Sine it is not homework, we do not need to check. However when child shares funwork on Monday as part of schedule, we will write what the child is saying.
  • Observations are written to make facilitation plan for the child. when a parent asked about daily observation of her child we would like to understand the need of it.

After morning session parents went to respective session areas.

Parents were greeted by kids. Parents read a big book to the kids shopping being the activity kids decided that they would be shopkeepers and parents were customers. Papermoney and coins were given to the parents and they transcated. Kids created a price list for their wares by marking circles. 1 RE = ONE CIRCLE , 2 RE =TWO CIRCLE. Parents bargained, asked their requirements.