The Past – Movie review


The Past (French: Le Passé) is a 2013 French–Italian–Iranian movie. The movie is about divorce and relationship, but has parenting lesson in it. The movie deal with how we’re all constrained by our own perspectives on our lives: It is about responsibility – the taking of it, the lack of it, the search for it, the shirking of it, the claiming of it. Often our kids are stuck with their own perspectives, and how one can listen to them, take them out of their own boundaries which they create and live with them.

While we interact with kids at Aarohi, it is interesting to see how each one draw our own conclusions from each event.

One child did not work on his committed work – he was asked to continue to work on the same while others were paying. He was playing when others were working. Well………there was no intention but he took this as “punishment”. All he needed someone to listen to him and understand what he thinks and feels about work, responsibility, and consequences. What our one says and do is not the ultimate facts about others… Watch movie for more.