Parents as resource


Often when it comes to teaching we look up to someone ‘expert’, we forget that we carry a huge resource inside us. Here is an attempt to list down various things which parent can do…

One is ​​

working with children – You could share anything that you are passionate about – could be playing drums or juggling, painting mural or playing soccer, making electronic circuits or android apps, doing theater or exploring maths or bouldering or embroidery – actually anything under the sky is okay – till you are passionate about it and would love to do it with kids.

Second is​​

involvement in different projects at home – like at Aarohi we have various projects like making Bamboo dome, mud construction, gardening and natural way of growing own food, solar cooker, solar water heater, bringing alternate ways of cooking etc.

Third is

​​DOING by yourself like labelling parking area or painting the wall, or making a poster on maths, or rearranging resources, cleaning book rack, adding activities or thoughts behind books or making brush stand, write quotes in the toilet, make word wall, measure the height of the tree, label different heights of the buildings, identify flora and fauna in and around and make presentations, repair anything ranging from pressure cooker to chairs….sky is the limit.

Fourth is

become devil, do something to make yourself unpopular….if a child likes to talk ask the child to write to you, if a child likes blue colour make a pink pen stand for that child, cook something new or least popular (Alsi water or Ragi Kanji or ridge gourd soup), challenge them to give ​them a ​new experience (like for example walk in the forest without torch in the night), If a child likes craft gift a mathematics practice book, invite them to talk about Russsia, during meal timings give them lecture on food, share carnatic music or insist them to pray using step by step process of praying ….​ remember even sky not the limit.

Fifth is

to create environment…bring music of your choice and play in background, display some puzzles or​teasers to stimulate brain, bring maps and travel brochures when you travel, make a poster of affirmations, use different resource and plan a session on ‘how to write a story, write story yourself, write notes, write about a topic and display on notice board, you yourself learning something new… everything under the sky is cool.

Sixth is

you can do from home…send notes on different topics to be read or to display on notice board, make posters at home ranging from food to martial arts, write letters, share mind tickling puzzles, arrange for live stations, send pictures/videos/audios on different topics which kids are working on…​forget ​sky ​- bring cosmos to them!

Seventh is
Pamper …cook with, cook for, give oil hair massage, help in cleaning cupboards… limits of your love and care be the part of a child’s life.