Parent as resource

Leela, parent of Aarohi child, comes to campus every Monday. She began with helping in kitchen – we all welcomed change in our menu, some new stuff in food. She moved to taking up a project to trace flora and fauna, After some time she moved to making a solar cooker. She started with using cardboard box, aluminium foil and began her journey. Her few experiments failed, she continued. Few more kids joined her, not as disciple, but as partner. They joined with their own needs (goal), why they wanted to work on solar cooker, what they know, what they want to know more. They joined her in solving the problem of “leaking insulation” – what all material to use and so on. The journey continues. Her presence at campus add to learning environment. Thank you Leela

Gracy another parent – every Monday and Thursday we all look forward to meet her, you know why? She brings fresh vegetable from her farm :). This is not the only reason we wait for her, she is also our consultant for our pets. Anyone has any question for pets, they directly connect with her, Also she has volunteered to show us how to clean our beds every Thursday. Thank you Gracy

Annie, another parent, she brings her love of reading, She connects with kids through talks on poetry, Harry potter, Percy Jackson, poetry, literature………..and the list is long. Her interactions creates a wave of love of reading at campus.