Paper Folding – From a mother’s diary


Bhaval, mother of Krishiv sharing
Around 3 weeks ago, Krishiv decided to make a bat. The complexity of the model was really high for him.
The first entire week he focused on one model spending almost 3 hours each day. End of the week, the model didn’t take shape at all. With so much calm he shared that he knows now what he needs to do in the coming week.

The second week very diligently he marked each crease of the model and folded. He reached almost 70% and the paper got torn from minute creases. He was upset for a little while but without my intervention started searching for an appropriate paper.

Third-week same process ..almost 3 hours each day. He marking each crease now with a different color pen, having better confidence like now I know it kind. But after a point, he wasn’t able to figure out how to go ahead even after watching a video. Now he was losing it. We discussed and thought to ask for help from his origami senior fellow. he connected with him. He guided him a little and Krishiv could take it forward. Finally, after a couple of days, he came up with his final model
. In the entire 3 weeks journey, the dialogues the feelings, the thinking had so much of value for both of us that end result didn’t matter much to me and I assume to him too.

Our talks, our thoughts our learnings during our sessions play a great role for me not to get worried even if he does just paper folding. He is learning how to learn.