Paneer Butter Masala and Me

This week I was available in kitchen. Two children were in to cooking that week. They arranged barbeque, made water melon juice. One of the days, they decided to make paneer butter masala. Both of them were very excited. They came to me and asked the recipe. I told them the recipe. They came to me and asked the quantity of vegetables and paneer. I told them that. While chopping they were checking size with me and I was checking the same. In a way, I was giving green signal that everything is going correctL. While cooking, though they had taken recipe they were calling me to check colour and to check whether it’s cooked or not? I was doing my other work parallel to that. Subzi came out nice. All children ate it and they liked it and they appreciated it and everything was okay but, I was disturbed………….I was not at peace………….I was reflecting on whole thing. I replayed the sequences in my mind and realised what I did. I was not aware what I am doing; I was not clear about my objective as a facilitator. So many learning opportunities, little change in interactions can make them think, decide, experiment, explore……………the list is long L((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. They were robot and the remote was in my hand. They were just following instructions and I was just giving instructions.

At least I am happy that this will help me in my future interactions. Experience is a good teacher. I realised the value of failure in learning. Thanks to my mentor, she gave me the space to fail and learn. I will never forget this incident in my life. Paneer butter masala is an important part of my learning J.