Owl Watching

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Owl experience.

My birding started last year when I was just looking at bird, I got interested in that particular bird and that bird was an Owl. so then I attended bird race in bangalore I got to see many new birds there. Then almost a year I have been doing birding in campus only. Then recently we got to know that there is a banyan tree nearby to the campus, there we have the asia’s biggest owl named ( EURASIAN EAGLE OWL) I was fascinated to see that owl….. One day in morning we went to see it. I was blowed to see that big Owl, we saw it for fifteen minutes and we left from there. We were confused what was that, but after observing its features we came to know that the place where we saw the owl was a place where two owls – Eurasian Eagle owl and a Brown Fish eye owl. so finally last time we went and we saw Brown fish Owl and we enjoyed watching it till long time.