Outstation Preprations


There are two aspects of any outdoor trip for us at Aarohi.

One is the learning and other is living.

One is understanding about the places we are visiting, other is understanding what all we need to pack.

One is about the travel, other is about knowing the train number and timings

One is about excitement to travel, other is about arranging for the whole trip.

The learning journey in any outstation trip begins with the thought of going out!

Well, an announcement to arrange the trip for the community began with some kids signing up to arrange for the trip. Where to go, what all to do, how to travel, where to stay…book tickets, book hotels, budgeting, find places to go…and yet lot more to do.

Understanding what is rock climbing before we stand and stare at the rock was so natural in our learning path.

And then it was all about PREPARING the entire group where kids of all ages (7 to 17yrs) travelling together needed to know all details of travel. Then it was all about together co,-creating the packing list – three categories ( must, optional and debatable). It was easy to make must and optional list, but the debatable was debatable! All had their point of views and all point of views were valid!

Then it was to understand about safety…safety in public spaces, safety while traveling including local transport, safety in hotel (stay), safety while rock climbing or trekking…

Then it was to break into different teams to take distribute the command in different hands – FOOD team to take complete in charge of where to eat, when to eat, take care of different needs. TRAVEL team to look into all the travel details (including local travel), SAFETY team to look into all kinds of safety (public, travel, self, in stay places, at monuments etc), ACCOUNTS team to look after our budgeting, PMO team to communicate and update tour details.

And finally time to leave for the trip to begin our journey of exploration!