Outdoor visit to a School in Pai Layout

We visited a Govt school in Pai Layout

Thanks to Girija Aunty, we got an opportunity to visit.

We planned activities like making a book mark, doing origami, story reading, playing board games with the school children. Aarohi children planned these activities in record breaking time…all experienced working under time constraint.We reached the school and were welcomed by the school children with lot of clapping sequences and songs. Their teachersintroduced us. W e were quickly on to our ‘doing’ plan with them.Aarohi children set up their stalls and had visitors ( actually hosts ) eagerly participating at the stalls. Age-language- these hurdles disappeared and things started moving. Names were exchanged and children communicated with words, signs, gestures and eyes….time flew.Aarohi children and faculty were in for a treat with biscuits and soft drinks. Hosts and guests mingled over snacks and Social relationship week kept its focus on interpersonal skills.

On our way to the school, I felt that children were eager and curious to meet the other school children…on our way back, I felt that we all were in a reflective mood..so many new things and so many new perspectives.