Outdoor to Sri Nanjundeswara hills @ Kelamangalam:

Outdoor to explore Nature around us:
We searched and connected with locals to find a place to ‘trek or do rock climbing’, Our search told us that there are temples to climb (many on the hilltops). So we settled with one temple to Sri Nanjundeswara hills. One of them went for Reiki trip with some directions. They were lost and realized that they needed better directions. WIth all this pre-preparations we were all set for our excursions.
We all reached the spot. Steps were the only way to climb the hills. Some immediate responses were “So boring to climb steps, not interesting”. Carried with beliefs we climbed and reached the top of the hill.
Bad NEws – Boring steps to climb
Good NEws – We pushed ourselves to find challenges for self by exploring alternate paths.
Each one started to explore a new way, whats interesting, challenging, alternate paths?
Few children just figured their way to slide the rock, Few children found it difficult, asked for help and found a new alternate way, each one curious to explore different routes, muddy way, thorny way, rocky way.
Exploration did not stop, one child found a tree close to the rock. Few children started climbing the tree and with its support climb to the rock, and experienced, slippery, hard, tough, fearful, and joy of achievement, challenging, exploration.
Exploration did not stop, We started to climb down the rock using the tree branch, where we had to let go our feet on a rock and hang on the branch to reach the ground. Inspired by few, many of them tried with different emotions, tried, gave up, again tried, and finally reached the ground with a sigh of joy and achievements.
We took a small break and refreshed with snacks, under a cool Ramphal Tree and accompanied by a group of Monkeys!.
In the foothill towards right, One child figured a path, We all followed the child we explored reached Sanath Kumar River. This was definitely a discovery! Water was gushing through a small tunnel under the bridge, after 15 years in this place due to heavy rains. Gushing water welcomed us to have cool fun.
We ended with our victory stories in different forms. The trip was no more boring!