Outdoor- Rangoli metro


This outdoor was quite different. We visited metro rangoli. It was an open space. We decided to use one vehicle and multiple trips to reduce the cost of outdoor and be in budget. Our goal was to observe and observe in detail.

Every outdoor brings new learning for me as a facilitator. There was a lot to observe. Children were excited to see seven wonders made out of sand. Some chose to observe and find out which wonder is it? Few observed the material used to make the model. Few drew them in their notebook. Few decided to estimate the size of lay out. Our goal of this outdoor was to fulfill our goal. After observing models we moved ahead and saw different paintings done by children. We observed photo gallery where photos of different areas of old Bangalore were displayed and compared with today. It was interesting to see model of eagle made using tiers, model of Gandhi made using binding wires, model of different birds using steel rods. Children discussed how different material was used. Before that, I had thought I should bring their attention to the material used. I was not required for that. So, I decided to work on my goal instead of peeping in to their exploration. We also saw different paintings done by artists. We observed and pondered over the messages those paintings wanted to give. One art project on abuse was the attraction for children. Apart from these different sculptors, the way the place was designed, dustbins, curtains out of ear buds were stimulating.

In the middle of all this, one reporter from Deccan herald came and interacted with me. I was concerned as artists were clicking photos of children observing their paintings. I talked to them to find out how are they going to use these photos and ensured that the photos are not uploaded on social media kinds of sites. They said they just want to use the photos for their project reports.

We were tired while coming back.