Outdoor to plantarium


Outdoor to planetarium

We went to planetarium to watch a show about stars and our solar system. We left in the morning and caught the 8:40 train in the train we had lots of fun playing cards taking playing games reading etc.  width= width=

After the train journey we got off at Hebbal railway station and took a bus till the planetarium. Once we reached the planetarium we Explored the park for sometime and saw the stuff in the park. Then we went for the show it was a really good experience and the theatres projector could almost move in all the direction but overall the show was great and just awesome. We understood about the history of many different kinds of theories people got in the olden days. Also about what is stars today in this world

My understanding about the show

What i understood is that we all our solar system is a part of a bigger system which is yet to be discovered. I also understood what people’s lives were in the olden days the people opposed the current theory at that time. I got to know how much people pushed the boundaries at that time to get to know what is above our heads. Like Isaac newton and Albert einstein and many other star gazers and scientist. That is what i captured from the show many others of us would have captured many other thoughts and believes.

After that what we went out had some lunch and explored the park a little bit more and played around there. We shared our lunch with people who forgot to pack theirs. The lunch otherwise was super good and tasty.

Then we went for helpmates which Vaibhavi conducted. The helpmates this time was a bit different from the others. This time we took help for ourselves for example I said I need help in my act of rudeness to others in the community. We then made groups and gave each other suggestion on how to stop or control ourselves.

After this we had a closing circle and then left with our parents to our homes.