Outdoor with my self


HOM’s are habits of mind – They are habits of thought and action that allows me to know my self in various situations like known, unknown, uncertain or challenging situations. At Aarohi we began with using them in our conversation. Some of the common vocabulary includes – responsibility, perseverance, observation, planning, creativity with constraint, organized, push my limits, challaning, independent…We use this to become aware and understand different HOMs which would eventually lead to awareness and development of self. To Challenge ourselves to higher level of thinking.

So, for Self HOM outdoor, we went for the outdoor with ourselves. Smile

Both the faculty told that we have to travel 16 HOMs, our outdoor is from 10 to 4, and we are travelling with ourselves. Children asked..but we don’t see any bus today, how are we travelling. They gave each other looks when faculty said “Walking”

Faculty shared the outdoor plan:- we are walking to our corner ground and we do activities which we decide to do. We become aware of different HOMs which we use during these activities. While planning individual activities, our whole week’s exposure to different Habits of Mind and self was relfected upon. We at first used a visual tool ( a Graphic Organiser) to list out the different HOMs. And then used the HOMs during our time at the ground. Different individuals did different activities at the ground- as per individual’s needs. We all experienced hours of self driven activities. Few went to the ground after lunch and few opted to be inside the building. At 3, we all started to reflect on the HOMs experience using to tool. Lot of HOM vocabulory was used during the whole week and also during the reflection.