Outdoor – Experiences in Nature Trek


Nature gives us an abundance of opportunities to be with self, explore and explore our strengths, our fears, new possibilities, throws new challenges and abundance of peace. One such nature trek was Muneshwara temple hill at D.Kondapalli.

Glimpses of our experiences –

One child who had never done any trek did trek for the first time. She started her journey of climbing rocks with “I Can’t do”,” I am fearful”, with screams “I’ll fall”. After she climbed one rock, she is ready to explore next rock, tree, next rock and on and on…

One child climbs confidently, Says “It’s easy for me”, “I am less weight, the tree branches can withstand my weight and I can pull myself up easily”. At one rock he got stuck and expresses “Oh no I can’t do this, I am small and I can’t take big step” and follows his instinct. Others in the group could not help him as they also found it difficult to climb. He finds another rock and continues his journey.

One child quite comfortable in climbing feels accomplished challenged to climb rocks after rocks. He says “this skill helps me in my goalkeeping and I love climbing”.

One child climbs rocks easily, supports his friends, shows path, guides and leads the team to make sure all enjoy climbing safely.

One child found climbing easy, did few and she tried her hands on nature photography.

One child was peacefully observed at fishes, dogs, watching birds, and relaxes looking up above to the sky, lying down under a tree.

We all found our way to explore and be by self, loved the nature around us.

We thanked nature and shared our experience in nature as part of reflection. Felt the freshness in the air and set our journey back to campus passing in the midst of Ragi fields headed by our Anna.