Outdoor – Banyan Tree


One tree
One big tree
Climbing, falling, swinging, singing, eating,
Is this all about a trip to the nearby big banyan tree?

What about – Planning, organizing, deciding, preparing, communicating, deciding for self, choosing where to get involved, pushing ourselves a bit, to get inspired, predicting, cooking, and experiencing it in different ways.

Two from the group organized the trip
Few of them got up early morning to make pasta for breakfast to carry
Each one preparing for the trip, including managing own timings
One climbed other did not
One went a bit more ahead on the tree, other one got inspired
One decided to quit after getting hurt, one choose to push self a bit harder to climb the tree

Different children
Different strokes
Different experiences

Today, I tried tree climbing for the first time, it was quite fun. Most of the time I refuse because I’m scared but this time something came over me and I just did it and it became quite fun, I just kept going and going and going, and then I fell [lol] and even when I did, I woke up again and tried another tree but still failed. I stopped after that but, I felt really ecstatic when I started climbing it

I climbed many trees. I saw dead snakes or alive snakes now. I think it was my imagination but I don’t know that I climbed other trees too with other people. Then I got more sick and I sat and just watched the beautiful scenery.