Outdoor to Ananya trust


It was an outdoor day today. We all were aware that we are going to Ananya trust which is a NGO- which helps under privileged children to learn. All of us were excited due to various reasons. Few were excited because they met their peers after long time, few were excited about the bus journey, few were excited to see and know about the place. We all were ready at 10:20am with our bags. Our bus came almost an hour late due to heavy traffic jamL. We kept on waiting for the bus. Finally after an hour of wait bus came. We all got inside the bus and settled. We had our snack and fruity in the bus.

The place was very pretty. We liked coconut tree, chikoo tree and guava trees. The semi open class rooms were very cute. We really enjoyed the environment there. Simple structure of sleeping arrangement was also impressive. We were surprised to see a small library along with computer lab.

They all welcomed us by gathering in ground. We all stood in a circle and introduced each other. We gave introduction about Aarohi and they gave introduction about Ananya. After formal introduction round they presented their weekly work. We came to know that this was their Friday schedule. On Friday they do present their work to each other. We were amazed to see their creativity in presenting their work. Few sang songs about their learning, few presented a drama, few presented parodies and few simply shared. We enjoyed it a lot. We departed for lunch and decided to gather after lunch for group games.

After lunch we played group games like kho-kho , kabbadi and running catching. So soon it was time to go. We presented a small dance and then we said bye bye to each other.

While coming back I was wondering about the need of children. Whether it is privileged child or under privileged child their needs are same. The way all children mingled with each other without any hesitation or boundaries was really something which remained with me.