Our Youngest Donor

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Our youngest DONOR, AVANI, 9yrs old, We are blessed to receive gifts in many different forms, here is one more story.
A note fromLakshmi, mother of Avani,

Right since Avani’s birth till now, whatever money she has received in the form of blessings from different people, sometime… a couple of years ago, Avani and myself planned a bank trip where she experienced being in the bank and deposited her wealth in the bank herself like bringing and filling up deposit slip together, giving money to the bank teller, etc. It was a very unique experience for us and she still remembers and relates to that amount as hers.
This amount also includes her earnings from the jewelry she made and sold in some events.

She had about ₹14k in her account and I simply asked her for some donation with no expectation while requesting a contribution from my parents-in-law too. For which, her initial questions were why should I donate, how much should I donate, don’t these people or organizations have enough money?
So I shared with her and others that these projects are close to me and I would like to collect and contribute money to everyone’s well-being. It is a very new experience which I have never done earlier. A lot of barriers to asking for money from others. I wanted to see that experience fully for myself. I also told them that it is only for a week that I’m collecting funds.
Moreover, sharing is caring, it connects different people and one feels good when anything is shared, joy is doubled:smiley:

After all this, she said ok I will donate ₹2k in total. Then something changed for her and she said, I will donate ₹2k per project. And she readily donated ₹6k for 3 projects to be shared in equal with utmost willingness and joy that yes we need to help each other.

Later on, while reflecting on this whole conversation, Avani told me that
she felt happy, counted, and respected that she was treated as equals to share/ discuss or decide about money matters and that she was able to help.

One of her beliefs that money is only elders’ topic and children have nothing to do with it – has now gone into standby mode for her.

One belief that got shifted for me in this process is- Some people out there small or big, with or without money (is all how we relate to them) want to give and they only need to be approached genuinely without judgments.
It has been a splendid experience with Avani that touched, moved, and inspired me.I happened to do a small donation drive only last week for three projects that are close to me where I approached 9 people asking for contributions including Avani. The donation drive lasted for a week.
I selected the Aarohi Life Education Trust as my first project.

I feel very happy to tell you that I received contributions from almost all the people I approached, even Avani and they have heartfully, lovingly, and generously donated even during these times of pandemic.

I wish to introduce to you one donor Air Vice Marshal T.Nagaraj ( Retd. ) i.e., Kowshik’s uncle or TN uncle’s younger brother whom we fondly address as Doctor uncle. He is the only person in the mailing list not directly associated or involved with Aarohi but yet has contributed generously. He is also the pride of our family; he has served as a Doctor in all the three Armed forces- Army, Navy, and Air Force and is 2nd in the whole country to do so.This contribution is towards the dormitory project that is coming up at the campus. Please kindly accept our daan or donation of Rs. 25000/-towards this cause.

Best Wishes and Regards,
Lakshmi on behalf of her parents, Kowshik, Avani, TN Uncle, Sowbhagya aunty and Doctor uncle.

No words to express gratitude.
It is the blessing (aashirwad) that we all at Aarohi receive from all of you that truly inspires us.
And yes loads of love to you Lakshmi for this initiative.